Have been on Plaquenil for 3 months with no ill effects until recently when l developed this terrible itch--feels like ants biting you under your skin, and appears in different places on your body, mostly arms and legs, but apart from the marks left from scratching, doesn't leave a mark on the skin.
Already had tinnitus and Sogrens syndrome, so didn't notice any difference there, and Plaquenil worked well, but this itch is driving me insane! Has anyone else had this side effect and if so does it eventually go away?
I've been taking 2 x 200mg twice daily. Rang my rhumetologist and she told me to cut it down to only 1 tab per day, but nothing has rid me of this itch. I've tried antihistamines for rashes, cortisone, calamine lotion, QV bath oil and every other cream or lotion l can find, and nothing helps except putting ice on my skin. l really don't want to stop the Plaquenil as it has really helped me.
l recently started taking a cholestorel medication (Atorvastatin) and stopped taking this in case it was causing it, but l've just gone through another attack of the itches, which means it probably wasn't the culprit. My autoimmune system is, to put it mildly, 'stuffed' as well!
Any help would be appreciated.