I am a 22-year-old female teen and has been facing a quite serious hair loss for 6 months (January until now which is July). I have tried some anti-hair loss products and have been taken Vitamin B complex as recommended by doctor. I have done my blood test in February and everything seems to be fine, I mean the Hb level appears to be normal. However, about 2 years back, I still remember that I had been forced to take Accutane or Oratane to cure my serious acne problem.I was under the medication for one and a half year. After the one and a half year, I stopped taking the medicine as advised by my skin specialist. However, this hair loss problem came to me half year after the stopping of the medicine. Therefore, I wonder is the hair loss caused by the medication and would like to know the best (low cost method is preffered :) ) remedies for this problem. I have googled about this yet couldn't find any answer for hair loss AFTER STOPPING of Accutane or Oratane. Thank you =)