had sexual intercourse for the first time on august 22. It was unplanned therefore no protection was used, I don't know how I allowed such actions to happen but it did and I am now dealing with it. It honestly was literally 2 minutes but it was still a risk. I am not on any birth control now, i was for the past 3 years but stopped in May 2015. so i took plan b, just to be safe. I haven't gotten my period since august 13 and i took a pregnancy test on September 14 and it came out negative. I'm super worried as to why I haven't gotten my period yet... I know plan b can make your period become delayed but i cannot help but to stress about it. It is now September 22, 2014 and Still no period, just cramps... also He did not ejaculate inside me. I am paranoid and scared, I have booked an appointment with my family doctor in 2 weeks, as for now i just need some closure and advice ? I have never taken plan b before. This is my first time. I took Plan B (the one with two pills) within 8 hours AFTER having sex.