Good evening,
On September 21 I started the birth control patch. 4 days later, my husband and I had unprotected sex, and no he didn't pull out and didn't wear a condom. 4 days from that, we had sex again, but this time he pulled out! I'm fully aware that I didn't wait 7 days until the birth control was fully in my system considering the fact this is my first time ever using the patch. The patch was in use for the rest of the week. Along with Week2. The beginning of Week 3, i didn't apply a patch. I haven't been feeling right. During Week 2, I had very very sore nipples. I had abdominal pain as well, but I didn't think anything of it because it could have been a side effect of the birth control. Yesterday I had light pink blood that went away with a wipe of course. My period isn't for another 10 days. Could pregnancy have occurred? Or is it just the birth control?