I am looking for a response on how likely it is that my girlfriend could get pregnant. Last night we had protected sex with a condom. followed all the steps to be safe. She eventually orgasms and we stop for awhile. I was no where near to ejaculating. The condom never broke either, we then go wash our hands and proceed to cuddle for awhile with clothes on. Eventually we go at it again like 20 minutes later. I put a new condom on and we have vaginal sex again for awhile. We eventually decided to stop, I still was nowhere near ejaculating. No condom breakage. We followed all the steps to being safe such as putting on the condom properly,etc. Is there a certain chance that I could have let out precum somewhere in that time frame and gotten her pregnant? For example touching my penis and somehow getting precum on it then putting on the condom. She also is just entering her ovulation time at the moment. (If there is anything unclear let me know)