Hey, so on the 24th of December until the 28th I had to take antibiotics, but I was still taking my birth control pills regularly. After the 28th of that month, I had only three pills left to take, and so did I. After those three days I stopped taking the pill for a week(because that's what I should do), and my period starts two days after not taking the pill. So when I restart the pill, it is five days after getting my period. For the next days while not taking the pill, I always made my bf use condoms(at least until a week after taking antibiotics), and when I started taking the pill again, we had unprotected sex after 6 days;after taking the 6th pill too(14th of January). But now I'm afraid that there is a chance I'm pregnant, even tho I don't have any symptoms so far, and it's been 9 days since then..I still take the pill normally, but I am still afraid. And it's also too late for Plan B.