I had unprotected sex 2 weeks before my period. One day after my ovulation date. I'm taking Pirmella 1/35 and have taken it correctly for the past 6 months. He did not ejaculate in me. I know that pre-ejaculation occurs throughout the whole activity, but I the chances are small. I'm worried because the first day of my period I had 2 tiny spots through the whole day. 5 days before I was bleeding a good amount, but I assumed this was from his fingers because his nails were really sharp and that's happened before. It's now the second day and I've had no blood. I've started my period 2 or three days in to the inactive pills before, but I'm worried I could be pregnant because of the intercourse. My CM (cervical mucus) is normal and I've read that it increases a lot, but mine's stayed pretty normal. This was my first time as well. I haven't taken a PT because I don't have a way of getting one and everyone in the area knows us. Like personally knows us. Advice would be greatly appreciated!? I'm freaking out. I'm also doing vigorous exercise this week so could it be from the intense working out? Pleas help would be great!!!