So around 8 months ago, I took A LOT of ibuprofen. I'm not sure if I did OD as if I'm right, this causes stomach bleeding, which didn't happen to me, and I didn't end up in hospital, but I was really sick after taking around 3x the dosage in about 4 hours. Not something I'm proud of, but there you go.
Basically, ever since, I've had mild allergic reactions to ibuprofen, nothing serious, just eyelid swelling, but I was wondering if an overdose can cause this, even when it's been quite a while since the OD.
I've searched a lot online and found only one other person with the same thing, and nothing that would explain it. So yeah I was just wondering whether one could cause the other, or whether it's just a freak incident where I've just happened to have developed an allergy after ODing on it.