Hi I'm 23 female, I have rheumatisim so I'm on a lot of different medication but recently put on venlaflaxine as chronic pain tends to bring me down, I'm only on low dosage 37.5mgs I'm also on 400mgs of tramadol for a pinched nerve in my back 13 days ago I had a severe generalized seizure. Since then I havent quite been the same I can't put ny finger on it i dont feel like im compltely here i feel high as kite all the time and its awful i have stopped the tramadol but my pupils have been huge since the fit I feel like I'm on something I don't want to bother the doctor for nothing but is there a possibility I've done some damage from using two seratonon inhibitors at once I think the seizure was caused by seratonin syndrome so one would assume i wouldn't still be having side effects I literally look like I've taken nine thousand uppers its been almost two weeks with no more fits that I'm aware of here's a list of my medications.

Ibuprofen 1600mgs daily
Methotrexate 20mgs weekly
Folic acid 5mgs weekly
Omeprazole 20mgs daily
Ginet unknown mgs
Efexor xr 37.5 daily
Had triamcinolone injected into left knee over a month ago and on and off prednisone when flaring.