no aura, nothing like the migraines I used to get, the headache is annoying and just a bit painful, not horrible. Could these be migraines with the barfiness? I thought I had a virus last week, but it's continuing. I can't take the enteric aspirin I used to take as it seems to add to the nausea.
Oh yes, my neck hurts too, could this be related? Also have a "significantly damaged spine" with spondylolisthesis and bone spurs digging into spinal column. Fibro, myofascial pain, DDD and some lesions on what is left of my poor, misused (unused?) brain, well, it just appears as if I'm a mess, doesn't it?
ANY ideas, med suggestions or advise would be appreciated! Thank you all so very much.
Your friend,
P.S. I've tried gingerale and all the usual stuff for nausea, but nothing works. I do have Zofran but IT doesn't work and nothing seems to work on the headaches either, but I'm open to suggestions of any sort!!