I was in an accident in 1979; my foot was crushed and due to a spinal injury I have limited sensation and mobility in my L leg. I now have a foot drop, osteoarthritis, a partial ankle fusion, and many scars from surgeries and skin grafts.I also have chronic pain. For decades I managed my pain with Ibuprofen and Darvocet. After Darvocet was taken off the market I was able to successfully manage my pain with Norco and Ibuprofen. Recently I have been unable to find a doctor who will prescribe Norco. I am a 50 year old woman. I am healthy in every other way. I don't drink alcohol, I get my annual flu shot and mammogram, I ride my bike everywhere I can and I do yoga any chance I get. And I work! I have tried every medication from Neurontin to Nortriptiline. I'm back to trying Lyrica again, but I have felt no difference (yet). All I want is Norco (or something similar) and Ibuprofen. I am so tired of the pain. Any ideas?