Last year I was diagnosed with SVT, which I received a catheter ablation for soon after. I went into my cardiologist before the surgery and he told me that it was not a type of tachycardia that could kill me. I'm now 18 years old but I still fear that even tho I have done the ablation and am cured from my SVT (I haven't had an episode since) that I can develope or even have a tachycardia that is dangerous and can result in sudden death. Every now and then I have a sudden, out of nowhere "dropping" feeling in my chest and it feels as tho I have to catch my breath for a split second, I think it may be just a heart flutter but I am not sure and it scares me a lot. It only takes place for maybe one,two, maybe three seconds, it doesn't hurt my chest but it doesn't feel pleasant, and I sometimes have a burp afterwards. I have anxiety but I don't think that is it because it happens out of nowhere. I could be completely fine one second, but then I feel it, and it throws me into a panic. My main question is, is it possible to develop ventricular tachycardia, fibrillation, or wolf-Parkinson's disease I believe it's called. Even tho I have had the catheter ablation?