My friend (24 years of age) suffered a major stroke recently. She was hospitalized the day of the stroke and the medical staff confirmed that she had suffered from a large ischemic stroke. She was supposedly responding well to all her physical test for 2 days while hospitalized. She was able to able to answer various questions, eat, and get up and go to the restroom on her own. We were a day away from moving from ICU to PVU. The 3rd day things took a turn for the worst. After responding well, her heart rate jumped to 300 bpm and she had to be resuscitated. She has been unconscious since and we learned her heart went into arrhythmia. She is in critical condition and chances are not very good. The doctors say that her neurons that were once functioning lost their functioning ability in this short time period. Surgery was never considered because of how well she was responding to all her physical test though multiple scans showed how severe the stroke was. I am having trouble understanding how she had gotten progressively worse in such a short time period if she was in good hands. Is it possible that the damage from her brain suffered during the stroke somehow spread to important portion her brain?The doctor also informed us the swelling in her brain could have caused it to shift causing more damage. I know this is a rare case because she of her young age but it would be great if any of you could explain to me their opinion on what could have gone wrong the third day. is it possible for the clot to further travel in the brain once hospitalized? Could a surgery to relieve the pressure caused by the swelling could have prevented the brain from shifting? Any thing will help thanks.