I started birth control on Monday the 29th and had sex with my partner on the 1st, we used a condom - but that's not the issue. I know for a fact the condom didn't break. What I am concerned about is that he touched me after he had touched his penis, probably after he had gotten aroused, it was most likely pre-ejaculatory fluids. I want to know if there's a chance I could get pregnant (yes, there's always a chance.) But this happened three whole days after starting my first pack of pills (Not ever, but in three months, I'm back on birth control). Note: I did not start the pills on my period, I started them because it was very convenient to start them ASAP, but clearly not soon enough. They are levongesterone and I'd be taking next choice if I could choose the back up. My question after all of this is should I take Emergency Contraceptive after this incident if I want to assure myself that I won't get pregnant?