(Sort if separate question)
I broke my pelvis in 2001 & most doctors have prescribed percocet or Lorcet. Neither is ideal, given their short window of relief. Once I was given prescription for morphine 100mg extended release (it was a long time ago and I was on vacation, can't recall if it was ER or travel doctor & I was also suffering a migraine), but this was the most effective relief I have ever had. I was able to walk and function without distraction or nausea from level 8-9 pain within short time.
I was afraid to take it at first, seems so strong, but it worked so well and I got so much work done for those few days.
Is morphine 100 cr ridiculously overmedicated? I truly did not feel "high" or loopy or "doped-up". Usually with percocet and other short-acting pain relievers, my pain is so distracting, they are almost useless.
Do they make a controlled release percocet or lorcet? Has anyone had successful pain relief from severe sciatica?
I was afraid to ask my doctor due to agreement I signed and fear of having to live with no relief for asking for something stronger. Now I just moved and know it will be difficult to find good pain management doctor (especially with no insurance). I am also limited in jobs I can take due to not being able to stand or sit for extended periods of time. Feeling hopeless.