On 9/14/10 I was vacationing in New Orleans, of course on Bourbon Street, and I had two incidents that could have caused brain injury. One in the back of my head and multiple injuries on my face. In late December I began, out of the blue, getting Vertigo (which I had never had before) for about two weeks constant. I would get a couple of days of being ok then right back to two weeks of constant Vertigo. After 6 weeks of this I went to the ER and they did an MRI. The results of the MRI were basically that there is a 13x6cm "white matter" in the Left Hempisphere of my Frontal Lobe also with a T2 Signal Flair that was indeterminate if it was connected to a vessel. From my online research, a 13x6cm white matter seems to be huge. I was put on Meclazine, Prednisone, and Valium for the Vertigo which did no good. An MRA has been ordered, I just can't afford to have it done. I've had other recent symptoms but have chalked them up to one of my many other illnesses. I'm beginning to question my blowing it off. My short term memory is shot, I can remember little to nothing of what happened yesterday. I have also gone from someone who used to freeze all my life to a point recently when I am sweating all the time even with the A/C on really cold. Weirdly, especially along a 1 inch area across my forehead right along my hairline, I've been sweating profusely. Again, the worst of it is centered on my hairline. Also, I have noticed that the sweating gets much worse when I lye down. I've also noticed a huge decrease in energy and I am a lot more weak. My vision has also gotten very bad even though I just got new glasses. I'm worried and scared which, believe me, doesn't help with my Bipolar, Anxiety Disorder, and Chronic Insomnia. Yeah, I think terrified is the right word and doctors are treating it as if it's just a pain in their butts. Should I be worried? Or is it "just a calcite buildup and don't worry about it" like the ER doctor told me? What about the undefined T2 Flair? Any advice would be greatly appreciated