Recently my partner and I tested positive for chlamydia and was prescribed 1 dosage with 4 pills of Azithromycin. I took the medication Thursday night and my partner didn't take his until Wednesday morning the following week. My doctor said to refrained from having sex for a week which i did. However my partner and I decided to have unprotected sex a week and a day after my treatment but only 3 days after his treatment. My partner says not to worry because his doctor says that the treatment works much faster in men than women. But after the 3rd time we had sex, i would bleed which is a sign for chlamydia and it happened again during the most recent time we had sex.
What are the chances that I reinfected myself? Since I recently finished my treatment, would I have to wait for 3 months until I can get retested for the results to not be a false negative? Or would I be able to make a appointment anytime this week?