Hi I had sex (09/11/15) and took plan b like 30 mins after due to the fact that the condom slipped and I didn't want to risk being pregnant. My period came a week and a day after I took the pill (09/19/15). It ended on 09/24/15. It was one day less than the normal but I didn't mind. After that, I haven't gotten my period. It has been over 50 days and nothing. I have taken two pregnancy tests each different but have been negative. I don't have any pregnancy signs and seem to be normal. I get occasional cramps in where I think my period will come but nothing comes. I'm kind of freaked out. Maybe it's the stress? I have no idea. Oh and I have been irregular almost all my time. I was taking birth control for a few months and it was more regulated. I stopped since it affected my mood so much. I wasn't in birth control when I had sex.