i had sex around 2am on about day 22 of my cycle. my last period began on nov 9 and ended on the 15. my periods always last 7 days and are typically 28 days long, with some variability. which would mean i am supposed to start my next one on the 7th (in 3 days) if i'm calculating right?
he used a condom the entire time. we stopped for a little, he pulled out (he did not ejaculate) and i made him put a new one on just in case. i do not believe either condom had holes in them, but i didn't check. i made him pull out way a head of time when he finished. i got scared the next day and took plan b around 12 pm- about 10 hours later. ( i know it's only for emergencies but i started panicking)
i am not on hormonal birth control because i very rarely have sex and i worry about the long term side affects. i'm only 22 and still in school so i panic every time i have sex which isn't very often to begin with. emotionally, i have a hard time accepting that no means of birth control is 100% and it gives me so much anxiety, which is why i try to stay away from sex altogether until i'm financially able to start a family, but this time i made an impulse decision and it's weighing heavily on me.
could anyone tell me what they think my chances of pregnancy are from this one incident? i just need some reassurance or advice as the waiting and uncertainty almost makes me physically sick.

Also- (this happened 5 days ago….i don't believe it's early enough for pregnancy symptoms, but i have felt very lethargic since. i've been bloated, had indigestion and stomach cramps-not like menstrual cramps but in my stomach, like i've been doing sit ups…. and a little bit of breast sensitivity. i know these could also be from the plan b as well as the stress i'm putting on myself over this. I've had no bleeding but like i said, i am supposed to start my period in 3 or 4 days)