Anyone else that would like to see this off the market?? I have had over 100 bc's removed in my life and I still would NEVER use this drug again for multiple bc's (I do think it serves a purpose for other diagnoses- but not multiple bc's) This is CHEMO therapy being used for a non-life threatening situation. And being prescribed by dermotologist's -not oncologists. It was prescribed to me at Stanford Hospital Palo Alto CA- by the Chief of Dermotology- the department cohersed me into doing their clinical study & lied about the side affects being minimal. Genentech sold us up a river people! To make money. It only works while you are ON the drug (the bc's completely go away while on it-which is awesome), when you get off it, they ALL come back plus more because you shot your immune system. I now have a REAL cancer that is life threatening & believe it is due to my shot immune system from this drug. I am a very healthy athletic woman in my 40's (I run marathons) I went to graduate school & I research clinical studies in the medical field for a living- just for a background on myself. I highly discourage others from using it! I don't like getting cut up every 3-4 months, but I will take that any day of the week over this alternative drug. Having multiple bc's is a bummer- I get it. But think twice about this drug please.