Hi all, feeling much better today I am still in the hospital and finally turned that Migraine corner with the DHE treatment, I am doing my final round of the medications and I should be going home tomorrow.
At the begining of the week I was told by one of the Neurologists looking after me, that there was a study involving MRI's for patients with a pacemaker. I have not had a MRI since Oct 2006 when my pacemaker was fitted, and as many of you know you can not have any MRI's when fitted with this device.
Well today the research study person came to see me and was asking if I would be interested in being part of this new study where I will be able to have this MRI done on my brain and spine. The study uses a very low amount of magnetic power, and the risks are that the pacemaker might move, and if this happens I would have to have a new device put in after the MRI. But I figured it has to be changed soon anyway, and out of the 4 patients form this hospital all were fine. They are thinking about having me do this before I go home tomorrow.
The study is going to involve 300 patients just from our hospital and over the next 3 years, a total number of 1,000 patients will be enrolled at different medical centers nationwide. John Hopkins University will share the data collected and will be analyzed from all participating medical centers.
So I would love to hear comments about this, thanks Liz.