I've been on Portia 28 for 4 years and haven't had any negative side effects & it's prevented pregnancy numerous times. Recently, I got off for 2 weeks while switching doctors. I started my new pack the same week I was supposed to start my next period. I did not have sex, but my boyfriend stuck his penis inside of me and he precums very easily. It was also not the first time he had gotten off that night so I understand there may have been more live sperm count. My questions are how long does it take for this pill to get out of your system once you go off, and how fast does it prevent you from getting pregnant when starting? Even if only 2 weeks apart. I'm not sure if I was ovulating or not since I started my pills the week I should have had my period. I haven't had any spotted bleeding. I also threw up the morning after I took the first pill at bedtime.