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Polymyalgia Rheumatica - Does any one experience extreme fatigue?

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Hawaii 123 17 May 2015

I certainly do. It's hard to explain and I think hard for friends and family to understand. I think, for me, even though the prednisone helps, there is still that underlying constant nagging ache. It tires me out. I find if I sit down and read a chapter or two that I can get by better.

redog46 10 Aug 2015

I started my symptoms in February, talked to several provider and not one ever had a answer. After all the fatigue, joint pain and immflamation, a PA suggested to stop all staton drugs. Well, I was on Crestor. Two days later,my pain was going away. I still have some in the shoulder. Real life is coming back.

nys1emt 10 Aug 2015

Yes - there's a great group on FB WITH ABOUT 2000 folks on both sides of the ocean - called Polymyalgia rheumatica free discount card

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