I have had Poly Vera for several years now. Until recently when my PCP wanted to abruptly stop my... Testosterone I didn't think much about it. It took them several days to agree to put me back on it BECAUSE of my Poly. I have other serious health issues such as Quad Bypass-5 T Hip Replacements due to infection and a few others. The way my doctor acted kinda has me worried. Is Polycythemia Vera considered a type of Cancer. Ive been going for therapeutic phleubotomy for over a year now once a week. I'm concerned because I like my PCP but I don't have a lot of faith in him. THe office is busy and unorganized=I get calls 3x for the same lab work 3 months after the fact... So my question is the C word,,, is it a type cancer... Is it similar to leukemia.. Thanks, PS, new to he group