I'm 24 years old and Since January I've been having irregular periods. I went into the doctor to see if it was due to pregnancy however my doctor told me she believes that I have PCOS. I asked what it was I and why she believed that I have it and what does that exactly mean and to be honest she really wasn't helpful at all. I went home and I did a lot of research and what I found out was that there's all these symptoms to having PC OS and I only have two symptoms which is an irregular period and I'm over weight. However I've been overweight my whole life and got pregnant perfectly fine two years ago. So I am very skeptical to believe that I have it because I also asked her if I had any cyst on my ovaries and she said no, I also had perfectly normal hormone levels. So after doing more research I saw that there's a lot of things that can help people with PCOS and she didn't suggest anything all she told me was to lose weight.
So I guess my question is has anyone else only had these two symptoms and should I be taking any medication or be on birth control
To try to get a regular period again?