Last year I went without a period for 7 months. At first I thought I was pregnant, but by the 3rd month, I knew I wasn't. Finally my step mom talked me into going to the doctor, and get this, the day of my appointment, I got my period. Imagine that! My doctor put me on Ocella and then scheduled me to get an ultrasound of my ovaries. The results? "Many spots on your ovaries" AKA I was diagnosed with PCOS. So I went to a specialist and he affirmed it. along with some other complications. For awhile I got kind of scared, but all my female cousins have it too so I had them for support.
Something I do want to know is this, with PCOS do you lose your hair (male patern baldness) or do you grow hair (beard or mustache)? Because my doc told me that it only make you gain hair due to the amount of testosterone my body produces, but my cousin's doc told her that it could be either. My hair falls out, and I'm not talking a few strands, I counted once and I had 113 hairs come out of my head in the shower alone. That doesn't include that hair that came out in the brush. I'm just wondering, hopefully someone has some kind of answer. THANK YOU.