I just got diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. In the past, I have had an endometrioma that devastated my body (the surgeon hacked me apart). I have been diagnosed with bipolar, BPD, and have gained 100 lbs, have hideous acne, even boils and very deep into my skin, causing scarring and emotional impact, social anxiety, I won't even go to the store. The depression doesn't ever relent. I had considered suicide prior to the diagnosis. How much of this can be attributed to this condition, and what can I expect as far as recovery now that I am on this metformin? Is the docor treating my condition as aggressively as she could be? Can I expect complete reversal of these afflictions? Will I live again? Will I be childless forever? I'm 38, I'm out of time, and I'm completely destitute and desperate. No one understands. Can these psychiatric diagnoses be potentially a result of the PCOS? Could it be the reason I could never get pregnant? Could it be the cause of the total ruin of my life? I am so sad. No one will answer my questions.