I got my Nexplanon Implant August 10, 2017 for abnormal and painful periods (that I have been dealing with since I was 15, I'm in my early 20's now) at the time of insertion I was having a period that lasted 32 days. A few days after it was inserted my period stopped. I went period free until September 12, 2017 it was very heavy in the beginning and throughout the of months of September and October it constantly changed in flow ranging from a heavy flow to a brown flow that was light. It is now November 2, 2017 and I am still on my period, It has been a nonstop period for 52 days. On October 19th. I went back to my OB/GYN and he didn't want to take it out until I passed the trial 6 months of it and prescribed me Estradiol for 3 days to try and stop my bleeding, and it only made my period heavier. I have not done anything out of my norm that could cause my bleeding to be so prolonged. I am beginning to worry that it will never stop!! At what point, should I say enough is enough? I got the Nexplanon to it would stop my abnormal bleeding and here I am abnormally bleeding AGAIN. Talk about a period from Hell. Does anyone have any advice?