My grandmother was recently rushed to hospital. She started with a cold which she thought she beat then thought she came down with food poisoning because she had nausea and diarrhea for 4 days. She went to doctor after not sleeping well and not really eating for four days and they gave her mild antibiotics within four hours she had to be rushed to hospital and was put into medical induced coma because one lung was in really bad shape with fluid and infection and was barely working. They said she had pneumonia and kept her in ICU for 5 days until the lung had began to heal with meds. She had an oxygen tube down her throat during this time and a rectal tube. When they woke her up she was weak but was able to talk and move minimally. She had trouble urinating when pot was put under her and always felt like she had to pee which resulted in her being right a couple days later after they put a catheter in and drained almost two liters from her which would explain her stomach pains gahh anyways she was being fed through tube in her nose and seemed to be getting stronger consistently for two days. She could cough up thick very dark flem from her lungs which we would help her pull out from throat. I then noticed she began not completing sentences and her having some confusion and when she lay flat her legs would tremor and when you say her bed back up they would stop. I was told it was nothing . That night they thought she had a stroke moved her to a more intensive care wing . She got even stronger and more alert over a day There they eventually diagnosed P.R.E.S after an MRI due to her semi high blood pressure which even the doctor thought was strange. When I returned the next day they told me they now thought it could possibly be meningitis and also she had bleeding coming from her stool. When they went in endoscopy her blood counts went down drastically and her lungs got filled with fluid apparently due to a med they give for this procedure. They fixed the clot or ulcer which was just below the stomach they said and the RACE team got her levels back to normal and gave her a med which apparently lets you pee out fluids in your lungs not sure how that works. Her hemoglobin level went really low apparently. Now she is scheduled tomorow for a lumbar puncture to find out if it is meningitis even though her head doctor still thinks it is PRES . And the ulcer issue they said could be from a mix of things with the aspirin they had given her. She is currently already on broad spectrum antibiotics in case it is meningitis. Please help.
What is going on? Is it safe to do these invasive tests like lumbar puncture when she is so weak. What could this be ? As I have a feeling it is not meningitis. Also I forgot to mention when she first came to hospital ICU she also had high fever and high white blood count Thanks all