will be having surgery in the near future and my doctor said my pm doctor will have to handle my meds when i leave the hospital.surgery will be very painful and my surgeon can only give tabs.i am on 75mcg's fentanyl patch and 15mg's of oxy's x 4 a day.and my doctor says i will need much stronger pain meds after surgery !and this surgery will be done in 2 parts,first part will be taking out all mesh from past hernia surgeries ,removing scar tissue ,and a gastric by pass surgery.second surgery will follow in 3 months to a year later depends on how long it takes my hernia to cause trouble ,mesh will be put back in place so i won't keep getting hernia's .this is also so my stomach can heal and to keep me from getting infected !don't have to tell you i'm a little bit scared cause i don't hande pain to well!chronic pain suffer since 2000 and to think i will hurt worse for a while is scary!any advise is welcome !