... effects be the same or similar? I was in a auto accident in Feb 09' . I have been living with chronic pain ever since. I have been on narcotics for years. However I did stop taking them for about 5 months until I couldn't take the everyday pain any longer. I have tried PT multiple times over the years. Every injection possible and the list goes on. I have migraines, degenerative discs c1-5, 2 of the t-spine are bulging, close head injury and right hip issues that they are still working on a full diagnosis. I didn't find a great doctor until about a year ago. I am taking right now 200mgs of topamax/day, 50mgs fentanyl patch (just started) 15 mg oxy ir, valium (muscle relaxer). Anyway I would love to find a non-narcotic, that gives me pain relief and not these crazy side effects!! What are the opions on the lyrica?