Hi my name is amir
I have ocd,adhd,bpd
I became a new member in drugs.com
I wanted to talk with you about the new drug
I will be happy to help me
I'll have a drug that is 2 years:

Olanzapine was good for me just as I was overweight
and between 12 to 13 hours a day

Risperidone and quetiapine was not helpful not only to increase my weight
and I slept too much and slept the sleep was greater with quetiapine

I was happy with my Abilify But I had severe eye pain and headaches
It would puzzle(daze) me

with geodon I feel afraid I was shaking and nervous I was geodon like snri for me

NOW I got you a few questions
I'm happy to give them the answer

I want to try lurasidone
Do you think it is good for me
what is your experience of eating latuda؟
I do not like too much sleep
Do you sleep a lot with latuda
How do I start with a dose؟
How many hours you sleep with latuda?
How is the quality of your sleep؟

thank you

Please help me for A Better Life

good luck