Hi,im sczhoeffective,ADHD,depression, and have a back injury.Im on wellbutrin SR 200 mg 2xday,neurontin 300 mg 3xday,valium 10 mg 3xday,ritalin 10 mg 2xday,soma 350 mg 2xday (for back pain),and then i take ambien 10 mg at bedtime bc the ritalin and wellbutrin wont let me sleep if not.Ive been on same meds for 2 yrs,then every night just for the past 2 mos i wake up every night at least 2 times,soaked in sweat from my hair to my stomach only,and havd to change my shirt bc its literally soaked.Anyone have any idea what this could be from,whether its 1 of my meds or a type of other condition,im open to suggestions,so that i can talk to my dr bout them.Ty