I used opiates on and off for 6yrs at worse my pill ppping was like 20 5mg percs a day alot i know, about 8months ago went on subs doc put me on 16mg of subs which made me fine even little loopy but than i read all these horror storries about wd from subs though doc said i could stop at anytime and be fine. so i cut it in half down to 8mg still fine ccontinued to just keep dropping subs till i was down till .5mg a day but was afrais of wd when i jump, figured I use percs just for week to get me through well now i feel like poop if i don't take perc,.

so is the whats left of sub withdrawl or did i re start the opiate cycle. If so I am only going to use subs for 4-5 days to get me over hump of wg from opiates. I want to induce at the lowest dose possible and than just stop like .25 or .50 take what i need only for the 3-to 5 days than done.

But if this is the sub wd still hanging around what should i do?

thanx shawnee