HI, some1 pls help asap i am taking subuxone strips right now and after a year being off roxys, I have not relapsed in the year on suboxone. I recently went to a new dr who helps ween people off and we r going from 12mg, 2 strips of 8mg per day and down by 2mg every month, i just a month ago started lemictal, one tiny tiny lil pill at nite b4 bed, the dr asked if any rashes offured a few times, but nothing. (I also take 100mg. Zoloft, Klonopin (small dose for my anxiety), Seasonique birth control, which u only get 4 periods a year, every 3 months, and Vyvanse for my ADHD, I am a junior in college and recently got a rash in the middle of my right cheek, it kinda spreaded up a lil and is now my middle right cheek and upper right cheek but it's all combined. Eery1 else tells me it doest look bad bc im paranoid and seeing the dermatologist tomm. never had any acne problems or anything like this, of course all girls get those annoying under the skin pimples that hurt like a bi**H and when they come up u pop them then in a few days their gone. tomorrow will be the 4th or 5th day, i have not touched it in a/b a day and a half, but when it first came i thought it was a zit and messed with it trying to "pop" it and I did have the (Sorry i know its gross but u all know u get em) white stuff come out when i tried popping it. But then ALL AROUND the "pimple so i thought" felt hard and when iwould try to pop it again since i thought there was more in the pimple it hurt so bad my yes would water, and now after putting on acne medicine which just burned it, since now it is not even close to lookin like a zit, it's a patch of my upper and middle cheek which is red, irritated, and really dry, looks like the skin wants to be peeled off, it's kinda like peeling in some places but there is no more hardness under the skin, no itching, never itched, and it doesnt hurt unless i were to push on it really hard of course! WHAT THE HELL COULD THIS BE??? IM SO FREAKIN CONFUSED! I GET A BAD PIMPLE HERE OR THERE ON MY FACE ONCE IN A WHILE BUT NEVER EVER (IM 27) NOTHING LIKE THIS! I LIVE IN FL AND ITS BEEN VERY HO, MUGGY AND I SWEAT A LOT, BUT WITH ALL THE MEDICATIONS- ZOLOFT, LEMICTAL(WHICH IM NOT TAKING ANYMORE UNLESS U DONT THINK THIS IS FROM THAT AND THAT IT WOULD HELP IF I WAS SEVERELY DEPRESSED AFTER GETTING OFF ROXYS AND VERY MOODY, IM NOT BI-POLAR AT ALL,BUT I THOUGHT THE ZOLOFT WAS FOR THE DEPRESSION? SO YA ZOLOFT,LEMICTAL, KLONOPIN(I DONT FIND IT STRONG SO TAKE XANAX INSTEAD ONCE IN A WHILE,I KNOW I KNOW, I SHOULDNT BE DOING THAT!), SUBOXONE, VYVANSE, AND THE SEASONIQUE BIRTH CONTROL! could any of these cause it or any of these mixed or do u think it;s just a weird dry patch that came since i messed with the pimple so much, at first i felt it under the skin and was lke OH CRAPPP this thing is goin2b HUGE! and then it did pop!BUT, I messed with it (tryin to pop it when it was not even close to being ready, etc) a LOTTTTT the first 2 or 3 days, now i havent touched it and its literally a dry patch it feels like and looks like a burn. dry,rough,irritated,red skin? HELPPP! sorry so long lol!~
THANKS SO MUCH! i hope sum1 sees this in the next 20 min so i get sleep and stop worryin about it, my friend said its prob an abcess, but its not like a sore, it DID look like one but not anymore, i had neosporin on it all morning and am now putting NOTHING on it and not washingmy face w/anything but water in the shower til its looked at. i dont need it spreading, its on my face, UGH, worst place! i try to make sure every1 is on my left side LOL!! HELP!!! PLS!!! ASAP!!!