I'am a 52 year old female.I had a radio active iodine treatment a few years back for hyperthyroidism,and multinodular goiters.I after a few months was put on Levoxyl which they now want to up the dose from 50MCG to 75 MCG.I haven't felt any better since the treatment or with the Levoxyl.I have excessive sweating,and really bad mean/mood swings,short tempered.heart palp.all of my life,short of breath,extreme fatigue,extreme joint pain,anxiety,irritable,lately feeling very hungry.My endocronologist is leaving his practice,and wasn't telling me.He says my symtptoms are only anxiety,not so.I have very warm skin to touch,and my body is wet, and sweaty.I used to be thin,now I have gained over 25 pounds.I'am afraid Levoxyl will give me further cardiac problems down the road,as my father's side all passed from it.I still feel very hyperthyroid.Can this Levoxyl make you feel hyperthroid? Advice please?RileyAnn