(skip to bottom to avoid ranting, im sorry but i am at my wits end)
Hey everyone. new to this forum but from what i can read it seems full of the most helpful people and the only place i know to turn.
My girlfriend and myself have been addicted to opanaER for over 2 years now. We've quit many times (not by choice but because we ran out of money) lately its been so hard to make it through the week because our habit has become so expensive (100-200$ per day). Im paid weekly (every thursday) and blow almost everything on opanas and usually as soon as sunday im scraping up anything and everything i can in order to support our habit for the second half of the week. I've lost almost EVERYTHING to support us. This past week, we ran out of pills and money within 3 days of getting paid and decided that enough was enough and that we were just going to give up and kick the habit.

its now wednesday and aside from suboxone (very small doses to sleep) we have been free of opiates/opanas all week. Tomorrow is pay day and we have considered rewarding ourselves with 2 40MGopanaERs (just enough for both of us to have 1 last hoorah) and snort our dose KNOWING that it will be our last time. The only reason being that when we quit last week, we had no intentions of quitting and simply ran out of pills. I would like to feel amazing 1 last time before we settle down and attempt to restart our lives. Idk what to do because i want to enjoy it 1 last time, but on the other hand i DO NOT want to restart the process of quitting that we are doing so well with and neither does she. If we do decide to take 1 last trip down opiate lane, will it reset our whole withdrawl cycle? Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated and you could possibly save 2 lives. Thanks in advanced


Did Opanas for 2 years--- > ran out of pills & money for the week and decided to just accept the withdrawl and quit--- > now, after 5 days sober (and AMAZING progress for 5 days), we would like to have 1 more large dose to make our last time our best time (because our last time doing any was a small bump that we saved just to keep us alive) Dont want to reset our withdrawl cycle but also dont want my last memory of doing opanas to be a letdown dose that barely gave me a headchange. Any help or advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advanced