... heart rate was a bit high, about 110 bpm at rest. The Dr did an EKG and sent me to emergency room. I am 29 and male. I did not have a heart attack but was referred to cardiologist.
Both a holter monitor and echocardiogram showed normal heart function. Highest bpm was 135, lowest was 45 during a 24 hour period on the holter monitor.
B/c heart rate remains over 100, my doc has put me on 25 mg of Metopropolol.
i also have had moderate hypertension since i was 19 (10 years). my average blood pressure is 135/85 so doc said the metoprolol will help the BP too.

After 3 days on meto drug, i can feel my heart rate has slowed down but i'm having a bit of trouble adjusting to med. I notice that I can't walk/run as fast. I still feel anxious (I was anxious before too).

Can you all PLEASE share your experiences on this or other tachycardia drugs?

I'm also concerned that my doctor has no idea whatsoever why i have tachycardia. Can you share your experiences with tachycardia and what brought it on? Thanks so much.

PS my thyroid is normal. i don't have diabetes.

Looking forward to your responses. maybe they will make me feel better. Even if you only have somehting very small to say, please share. I've been very scared for 2 straight weeks!!!