... spondylolithesis, left sciatic nerve pain and now my neck it being affecting by my terribly twisted spine. I recently starting going to pain management (waited 4 yrs for disability). I have hep C and 1 kidney. I cannot take anything with ibprofen or tylenol due to the aforementioned conditions. The new pain management md after 2 visits gave me 30 mg ER morhine 3 x a day. I went to office for something for break-thru pain and he gave me 5 mg roxicodone q8 hrs??? This didn't sound right to me. Also I waited a week for his office to return my call, which they never did. I called the office manager and ask what was I to do since the md never called me back.. Jump ahead 2 weeks to getting epidural shots for back. During the procedure, I
hollered out, "oh, that hurts!" After procedure, he came to tell me since I was so "sensitive" 'to pain, That I SHOULD NOT BE ON pain medicine. I ask what was I suppose to do about refilling my morphine after taking it for 2 months, He said, "I guess you'll withdrawl, wont ya?" He said this in surgery center, in front of EVERYONE. Nurse, patients, etc. everyone!! I have only seen this man, 2 times in office and 2 times for epidurals. First epidural, i told him he put on wrong side, and he seems to be mad over that!! Also, he didn't like me calling office managear when he wouldn't return my calls about what to do for break thru pain? I waited for a week and a day before calling office mgr. Now I have no pain medicine and am suffering!! What do i do and why did he treat me like this? All i can do is sit around and cry. Now I guess i am going to have to try and find a NEW pain management md., Any suggestions or feedback will be greatly appreciated. signed, Stuck in pain Again in KY!! jane