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Please name me some traditional drugs for lowering the blood glucose level?

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DzooBaby 8 Jul 2011

Insulin of course. But there are also metformin (or Glucophage), glyburide (or Diabeta), glipizide (or Glucotrol), Lantus (which is an insulin glargine) and a few others. These I've listed are probably the most popular.

Inactive 8 Jul 2011

I'm sorry, I think I mis read your question. You list hypoglycemia which is low blood sugar, but are asking about meds that lower blood sugar? Is that correct...

Inactive 8 Jul 2011

Hello there Mary. ha! Its been it seems forever since we had a cup. :-0) SL told me that you and husband had the flu. hope you're feeling bit more with the rest of the world. Hot as you know what here, just dropping in and out between storms. They've arrived early today, mind you, we can still use the rain. Well, hope the pain in your hand is subsiding, at least liveable/managable. Care for a cup? Managed to save you that one doughnut, enjoy, be well and keep in touch oh, and if anyone one else cares for a cup and pastry, pull up a chair, if you're in the mood, sit a spell and swap a story. ha!

Inactive 9 Jul 2011

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Inactive 9 Jul 2011

Ha, so its hot out your way also? Seems half the country is in sauna mode. Hi there Mary. Just past 1pm (eastern time), and going through my mail etc etc. I just came in from watering our tomatoes and cucumbers. And they are thirsty to say the least. It always amazes me as to how much water each individual plant can take/drink. My wife has a green thumb, I try but the best I do is take care of watering, the vegetables and flowers. Our sunflowers are doing well. We planted them, right against the house, beside the a/c unit. When it kicks in, the noise of the fan, scares the squirrels, and so its just the bees, doing there thing. Its always been a battle keeping them, squirrels away from the sunflowers. Well, time for a cup, have good day Mary, I've some golf to watch and a late baseball game, that will bring me close to supper time. Take care, and watch out for those gnats. I call them no seeums.

tunnels 16 Jun 2017

to lower your glucose level I am taking metformin and trajenta. free discount card

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