My son was arrested for a DWI and possesion of PCP March 5th. He was bailed out of jail. Myself nor was the rest of my family aware that he had an addiction to PCP. He is 27. He needs rehab sooooooo badly, he is phsycotic, he lost his apartment the other day because I called an ambulance on him & the police told his land lord about his arrest so his landlord gave him 3 weeks to get out. A ferw days ago he took a female friend at knife point to take him to go get drugs, unsucessful, could not get them got ripped off. Two nights ago he got totally intoxicated from alcohol and went to the same female friends house walking an hour or more to get there and just started screaming WHY, WHY, WHY, did you dio this to me??? He was taken by the police to a ER. They held him until his alcohol level was normal, then released him!!! My daughter and I told them a few things about him and told them he needs to be put in a rehab, but the Pshyc nurse claims he was fine. We do not know waht to do. Today he lost his job :-( because he did not make it to work Monday, not sure why? He got out of the hospital Sunday night at 11:00 pm and walked over 3 hours to get home. Petrified for him and others, yesterday I was in the car with his female friend and him. He pretty much came out of no where and said in a very strange way "I can kill the both of you right now I have nothing to lose" I jumped out of the car fearful for my life. Then the guilt of leaving his female friend in there was horrible. She is very strong and told everything was ok. I like my son have a depression problem, I am on medication, he is not