Hello fellow sufferers, I am beside myself in angst. I am feeling so sick, and I don't know if it's the new oxy or actual worse problem. I have pain in my chest, and a weird stiffness in my neck, like it's got dried glue on the back of my neck, and I went to the heart dr. because of the weakness in my arms, and pain with sweats. He did ekg, he thinks it could be my neck, and just today found on new MRI I got issues a pinched nerve with is probably why my left arm and hand has been hurting so badly. but it's mentally, I have never felt like this EVER, Please anyone having anything like this on the oxycontin. I went to a new psychiatrist due to the depression and anxiety, she said it almost sounds like withdrawal, and i cannot see pain dr. until next week. could that cause the stiffness in neck, I ve been seeking help for pain in left arm and for 3 years, but had not had pain in neck until recently about the time I got on new formula. I will demand a new medication but I want off this crap. help.