Hello everyone, I need some help or support whatever for I can get at this point. I have been taking about 1mg of suboxone for 3 years and I started a five day taper and now on my third day without nothing. I have four children and there lives are the most imortant to me, I have a very busy household as I go to college for nursing and taking care of my house and children. WHEN WILL THIS GO AWAY? How long untill this restlessness goes away? How long do the symptoms last. I don't want to give in , this means more to me than anything to get off of this crap. I have the sweats the chills I set up some counciling today, I have heard that crying helps, exercise, I need some pointers. I have ptsd, ankyclosing spondylitis, Crones and RA, one more HLA-B27 which is an auto immune disorder. I survived ovarian cancer went through radiation treatments, I have to be able to get off of this right? Please someone give me some pointers. I can not sleep , I already have anxiety problems and man this is anxiety hell. Please anyone with some healpful hints, how to comfort myself, something? Thank You