... new to the board, and about to begin detox from opiates (oxycodone). Due to my lifestyle, and needed discretion, I have opted to begin treatment with Suboxone. I abused oxycodone for about 2 years, working my way from 30mg up to 70mg. Due to the cost, I was never really able to go beyond that. (probaby a good thing) Even at 70mg per day, it has basically left me with a VERY small bank account, and the physical dependance. The most I have gone off of it in the past 6 months was for about 26 hours. The intense nature of that night has had me fearing w/d and resenting any area of my life that has brought me to this. I take full responsability, and know there is going to be a stiff price to pay, but nothing comparible to if I were to loose my family. My 5 year old boy is literally everything to me, and even though I havent had him around it, I cant help to think what kind of examle I am setting- even if he cant see/know it...

So my question is, for those who have the knowlege and expirience, what should the proper amount of Suboxone be to treat the w/d symptoms- comming off of 60mg per day? I know the are some on here who were into 100-200mg per day, so i am assuming my recomended dose would be less than theirs.. I have an appointment next tuesday with an addiction doctor- has been about two weeks of attempting to get in there, and 2 8mg Subs that were given to me by a family member who is recovering as well. I assume it is going to be a sickening transition to the Suboxone, so I want to make sure I can start it on the weekend.

Also, more for piece of mind (because I am loosing my mind with anxiety) If there is a problem and I need to get off of the Sub, how terrible will the transition be to another opoid (or back to the oxycodone).. This is not my intention, but even as a drug addict, I am quite a hypochondriac.

My plan is (and PLEASE PLEEEEAAAAASE jump in with any insight or tips for making this better);
-I will be taking my last oxycodone dose (15mg) at 7pm on Friday. By that time in the day, I will have take 30mg before that at 3pm and 9am. (remember, I am currently at 60mg per day- 15mg every 5 hours or so)
-I know I need to give 12 to 24 hours after taking my last dose of oxycodone before taking the sub. If I am lucky enough to sleep in, I will wake up around 10am and prepare to take the Sub. I'll try to hold out till noon (giving me 16-18 hours since)..
- And then take it from there, I guess..

Any suggestions? How much should I take at first for a 60mg oxycodone tolerance?
I know I need to see the doc, and will not break that appointment for next to anything, but I must do this... My family member (who had a similar tolerance) swears by the Subs, that I wont get sick, to take 4mg per day, and that its the best thing in the world to "kick."

Reading the boards, I doubt his statements..

Please help