Hello, I am 27 year old and have been addicted to vicodin/norco for 5 years. After I had my baby (5years ago) I was put on Tylenol/codiene and took that as needed, started getting bad headaches and back aches and docs priscribed vicodin and thats where it started. I also had an unlimited supply of norco to buy from the streets I was taking up to 20-30 A DAY (makes me sick how much money I could have if I never had this problem:() So anyway about a year ago I took time off of work and let my docs know my problem they priscribed tramodol/ultram I did alot better than I thought I could BUT shortly after started taking little at a time thinking it wouldnt hurt and then back up to 10-15 a day i went. I am doing the thomas recipe as of yesterday, so far i have taken about 20 baths and have really bad aches and pains. Has anyone ever used this method? if so please advise how long these will last and people with addiction problem period, how do you stay away from these?? is this always going to be a problem that i have to struggle with in my life :(