My husband is out of control with pain pills. He travels and has doctors in so many states! He takes 10 loratabs or percs at a time. Goes threw 60 pills in 24 hours. I just had surgery and he left me 11 pain pills and took the rest! To top it off he is on suboxine too so when he can not get a script he goes back on suboxine. Now he is buying oxys ( illegal) and he is overweight, takes pills and sits in front of the TV for hours. He eats like shit. Tons of carbs sweets(he hides them) red bull and diet coke. Oh he also takes phetermine too! I have 3 more surgeries and no way can I have them when he is home... but I am affraid he is going to die with all this toxic crap he puts in him. Should I report him for all the doctors we already tried rehab, and if I say anything he turns it all on me... please help.