my fiances pill habit is out of control he got into a car accident and was on percocet 5mgs and 10mgs im pretty sure and he would only take 2 or 3 it has now been almost a year and i have watched him spiral out of control he doesn't just use his prescription anymore he spends anywhere from 1000 to 2,500 a month, he now is up to 10 or more percocet(oxycodone) 15mg and 30mgs a day he just recently started takeing xanax to at least 2 bars(2mgs a piece) he has told me that hes has taken up tp 5 a my first question is whats the best way to taper yourself down if hes only been taking the xanax for a couple weeks?? i know you can mix those in small doses but not the doses he does and im so scared im going to be standing next to his body at a funeral instead of a wedding. .my second question is what should i do about getting him off the percocets to? can we taper him down off those also??we dont have alot of money and he does not have insurance. i need all the information i can get about any thing in this paragraph his addiction is ruining mine, his and our kids lives i have no idea what to do im at the point of is there any hope, should i stay and help or leave. thanks for any kind of info you can give... p.s. i have heard of subutex whats the best way to take it???