I am 50 yrs. I have been in pain for 16 yrs. I contracted polio at 5 yrs. ( I did not know I had it. My mother died when I was a child ,so I had no one ot help me). I walked w/ a limp all my life. The wear and tear on my body,and being uneven. ( my right shoe size is a 7 ,my leg is atrophied and weak. My left shoe size is a 9 ) the neurologist diagnosed post-polio syndrome in 2005 and put me in physical therapy and pain management, I saw a physcologist, an orthodic maker , he built me a right kafo brace with a frankenstein shoe lift. ( the damage to my body was already done). 2 weeks ago, I was diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia. I lose my balance( very high risk for falling) and fall very easy( sometimes 4 x a month). I am on coumadin 5-7. 5 mg. 7 days a week. Alternating doses per day. I now, use a rolling/seated walker , I have post-polio syndrome. With, arthritis in both hips,both shoulders ,my spine( also scolosis) I had a total left knee replacement, and bone on bone and severe tears in 3 compartments of the menisicus in my right knee. I need a right total knee replacement now. Also,i am always in pain. If it wasn't for my belief in jesus I would have killed myself a long time ago!!! The pain is so bad ,it never lets up. Please help me!!! I was in pain management the past 6 years with insurance until a dvt and pulmonary embolus 3 weeks post total left knee replacement caused me to lose my job, my insurance, everything!!I became severlly depressed... I only get a social security disability check. ,i dont get medicare ,i do not qualify for medicaid, I have no insurance. I go to a free clinic. I have a rx. For 36 fentanyl patches I cost $400 I can't afford to pay for them. Is there a company that will supply/ship them directly to me or my dr. Office. Please help find a company that can help me.