I have been taking lortabs for 6 years now. I have quit three or four times. I have chronic back and hip and elbow joint pain. Been to ortho docs. chroptactores etc. The thing that gives me back my active life, golfing , skiing , etc . is 15 to 20 mg. lortab daily. I have tried to take them only when I am going to be physically active. That does not happen. Because I have become addicted to the feeling of well being and energy they give me. I have for 6 years been able to keep to the 15 to 20 mg. dose. But it bothers me to be addicted to them . I have discussed this with my Dr. who I feel is very liberal about prescribing. My recent script is for 120 ea. 10 mg. lortabs with 2 refills. I know he trusts me and is aware of my addiction fear. He even said that even if I develope an addiction at these levels it is better than haveing a poor quality of life due to chronic pain. So now my question is. Am I makeing a big deal of this? I feel a little depressed right now and anxious day four no Lortabs. I like the way the Lortabs relieve my pain. Wish they didnt give me the euphoria which is very addicting to me. Do you think I can maintain the 10 to 20 mg/ daily regime? I have done it so far for six years. Im really paranoid about severe usage that I read about on this site. I feel like I would not let that ahppen as I am too afraid to face the consequences. Please comment.