I can get Wellbutrin 150 w/o a prescription... am in Asia. A doctor recommended I try it a few years ago so I know it's ok for me. I want to know is if I take it will make me sleepy at night? I will be making an ocean crossing on a boat and need to stand watches at night and some meds cause drowsiness. I have just been too up and down and need a stabilizer especially if it doesn't cause appetite increase. I have taken topamax in the past and also ritalin in the past with no problems at all but definitely will not mix drugs especially while self treating. Self treating is often done by folks who live abroad on a boat and I have many referrences plus the net. I just needed to ask a few specific questions. After 3 weeks from now I won't have access to medical help. I also wonder how bad these seizures are that can be caused.